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"What are Professional organisations
and why use them?"

"Do you want to change your career?"

If you want to change your career you'll need all the help you can get. Try the Professions to help advise you...

 "How can the Professions help me?"

Of course. If you're thinking of changing your career the Professions can help. That's one of their main objectives - to   encourage new members!

  "How can they do this?"

By providing a number of different services such as News, Training, Events and more. They are an ideal source of essential information   for those thinking of changing their career

  "Can't I get this info from elsewhere?"

Of course you can. But why not get the official version from the horses mouth? Try them and see...

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Absolutely. The Professions will be more than happy to hear from you. Just use the sector list on the left or the 'Quick Pick' facility   below.

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