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"Revision courses are becoming more and more popular. Whether they are run at Easter to help with GCSE maths revision or revision techniques, or perhaps half term designed to help with A level Science revision, the numbers of students attending these programmes is growing."
"They can revisit parts of the curriculum of particular subject areas, strengthen knowledge already covered and help with exam and revision techniques...."

When it comes to study we all need help from time to time. Whether it be support with Science revision, GCSE Geography revision, going through GCSE Maths past papers or developing revision techniques, none of us are perfect and a bit of extra help can make the difference between a C or a D or an A or A*. This is where revision courses can come into play.

There are of course similarities between revision courses and the use of Private Tutors. For one, although Private Tutors are often used for revision purposes, they are often utilised more to provide support throughout an academic year (or at least one term). Revision courses and especially Easter revision courses support a student in a narrowly defined short period of time, usually leading up to an exam.

Many organisations have been running this type of academic provision for twenty years or more, so the concept is not new. For example many excellent independent schools offer this type of revision support, as well as specialist organisation - but of course for a cost. They are one route to success but not cheap and therefore not a possibility for everyone.

Revision can be difficult on your own

But they can be extremely effective under the right circumstances.

The Revision Course Directory offers you a list of providers from across the UK. Find one near you and contact them to find out if they can help. But be careful to do your research first. Make sure what they offer is exactly what you are looking for. Happy revising!

One route to success!

"Even next tier Russell Group Universities such as Imperial, Bristol, Durham and Warwick expect A* for entry onto more and more courses. Regardless of the subject or the area one wants help with e.g. preparing for Biology A level or GCSE maths past papers, an Easter revision course can help a student get the most from their study."

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