For Associations, Institutions, Societies and other bodies....
"What are Professional organisations
and why use them?"

"Are you in 6th form or at college?"

Are you planning on going to Uni or trying an Apprenticeship? Let Professional bodies help you. See below.

 "Why should I use the Professions?"

Because you need to make the right decision about what to do next! Degree? Apprenticeship? What's the best career path for you? Use   the Professions to help you decide.

  "What can I expect from them?"

A whole range of services such as News, info on entry requirements and careers resources and progression routes.

  "What else?"

Some Professional bodies also provide support in the form of events especially designed for those interested in their occupational area

  "How do I approach them?"

That's easy. Check on their website for contact details or use social media. They're waiting to hear from you...

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